Parkfield Dog Park

Parkfield Dog Park

Parkfield Dog Park

Dog Park FAQ’s

PLEASE NOTE: We are now closed for public bookings. The park is open only for regular weekly clients. Occasionally I may allow it to be rented by the general public and will update facebook accordingly. Sorry to disappoint, however I am a very busy Trainer and I use the park for my own client bookings.

Welcome to our Dog Park FAQ’s. Here you will find the answers to all your questions! If you don’t see what you are looking for, please drop me a message.

Dog Park in Wakefield


Gates and fencing is fully meshed. There are no gaps for dogs to squeeze through. The fencing is NOT suitable for dogs who can jump over 6ft. Our fence mesh has been left loose so that it is unstable for a dog to climb. I am an experienced dog owner, who owned Rottweilers with jumping skills of Olympians, I know this was needed!


Somewhere over the rainbow
I didn’t find a leprichaun…

1.2 Acres square, you need no more than this because any more you wouldn’t be able to see your dog nor catch them!

You are very welcome to use the cones and equipment that is on the field. Please report any damage to the dog play equipment that you see, we just need to know and you will not be in trouble.



The children’s park was originally made for my son. Use it at your own risk. I will accept no responsibility or liability for you falling off the tyre swing as I know the child in you wants to try it! Check out our gallery for more photos.

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We have several enrichment areas in the park, including tire play, grassy hill, giant tire’s for climbing on, long grass areas where they can explore and find our resident moles. Bring your kibble or dog treats, lay out some training cones we have and hide the kibble under some of them. Highly rewarding, fun game for those dogs who love to sniff and have high energy.


Our parking bay
Car Parking Bay

You may park directly on the field then let your dog straight out of your boot. We have space for 2 vehicles on the field tarmac area, we request you stick to this and do not drive on the field. All owners have to park their cars inside the field and lock it behind them.


The Puppy Master Training Class
The Puppy Master Training Class

We have numerous bookable dog classes as well as behaviour consultations held on the Dog Park. You can book a class or appointment by contacting The Puppy Master.

If you are an agility or flyball type trainer and wish to have your classes here, give me a call to discuss.


Our farm is double secure with electric gates, we have 13 cctv cameras surrounding the property. There is no access or exit without me and my trusty buzzer.


We have two large wooden barrel poo bins for use to dispose of your dog poo bags. No need to take your poo home… ewwww!


Horse fencing

We have horses in the next field, your dog will be able to see them! They cannot get near the partitioned fencing. If your dog is desperately attempting to get into the horses or worse, please take it they’re not suitable for the park. Dogs ignore horses after a couple of barks, they then get bored and walk off. You should not attempt to enter the horse paddock, in any emergency please call me and I can assist. Horses kick, it hurts, you wont like it.

Please do not feed the horses, they are on special diets, no matter what they tell you, they have been fed!


  • Wind: We will close the park if we have high wind speeds as we are on top of a hill, trust me its not nice!
  • Snow: We will be open with snow however, it is SO BEAUTIFUL and Dogs love it, you could build yourself a snow man! Snow weather – 30 mins slots only as dogs cannot take much more than that.
  • Hot Weather: Great for dogs as there is nothing to scorch their precious paws on.
  • Rain: Get under the trees if the heavens open, they provide great shelter… until their leaves fall off, maybe best to bring an umbrella!
Can you get a photo of your dog on the tyres?
Can you get a photo of your dog on the tyres?


Coffee anyone?
Coffee anyone?

We have the local dog friendly cafe called Huggamug to get takeway food and drinks, across the road from the entrance. Park outside, grab yourself a coffee to bring to the park.

Most noteworthy, we also have the best Post Office in Fev, just down the road from Huggamug! It is open daily, has an ATM service, drinks, snacks, newspapers, mini supermarket, has amazing warm sausage rolls and best of all – alcohol! Grab your shopping list before you come and save some valuable time by making use of it. Free Parking right outside the door.

Just in front of our park we have the Bradley Arms pub, and the new owners have been busy making it look pretty. The Bradley Arms is Dog friendly and thankfully will serve the best local beer on tap. There is a little garden front and rear to enjoy the sun with your dog beer in hand.


We are fully insured with Pet Plan sanctuary
We are fully insured with PetPlan Sanctuary!


Limited slots will be available over shutdown periods and as a result I can only open up slots a week ahead of time

Please check my facebook page for further details of any shut down periods and availability of slots.

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