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Dogs after lockdown – ESSENTIAL READ

Dogs after lockdown – Essential Read

For the dog owners who have been in quarantine with their dogs for 13 weeks and counting. Suddenly you have to return to work and your dog is used to having you around. They will be reliant on a new routine and leaving them suddenly could cause them anxiety.

If you now leave the house for long periods of time during the day, using a professional dog walker is essential for your dogs health. This is especially so for puppies too!

Leaving a dog for long periods of time can create stress. Stress for your dog can leave long term mental damage, sometimes even physical. Stress comes in many forms, some are more hidden to the average persons but not to a trained professional’s eye. Symptoms of stress/anxiety is a dog who barks at seemingly anything, sheds fur more frequently than normal, shivers, licks its lips or yawns in repeated spurts, displays compulsive disorders such as spinning in circles, wall bouncing, pacing, tail chasing. They can be destructive in your home or even self mutilating. This is just to name a few more common occurrences.

It is worth noting that a stressed dog will not live as long as a happy dog. Getting your dog out with a professional dog walker can help prevent stress because they are getting outside of their home for a walk with other canines. This is socialisation to a high degree.

Pet welfare – the 5 freedoms act also includes animals being able to interact with other animals of the same species. Dogs that get out and about for group walks with others are more likely to be happy and stress free, having being able to interact and enjoy behaving naturally in play with other dogs. Letting your dog have freedom to roam, off lead in a Dog Park like ours is obviously a massive benefit to their health. Being on a lead, restricted day in day out is also a stressor to dogs. It causes frustration and they do not learn as much as the dog that is given real freedom.

We have social play events here most Sunday’s now so you can enable your dog to have interactions with other friendly dogs, in a secure environment. We have a few great Dog walkers who regularly book our dog park. They are here no matter what the weather so I am happy to recommend them as I have seen the care they have for their clients dogs first hand! Click the links for further details;

  1. Nikki – Wags n Walks
  2. Nicole – Daisy Doo dog walking and pet sitting
  3. Donna – Donna’s Happy Paws
  4. Pet Tales – Wakefield

If you have any dog training or behavioral issues, feel free to contact me to book in a consultation. The Puppy Master

Written by Clare Andrusyk – The Puppy Master

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